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Supports Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Higher Search Speed

Searching for files, emails or documents is generally the main cause of an unproductive day. In order to accelerate your day, Copernic Desktop Search provides efficient search technology to computers by using real-time searching, consolidating results into one clean & powerful interface. Then you can enjoy higher searching speed, and get on with your day.

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Lightest Desktop Search

With the new award-winning indexing technology, Copernic Desktop Search scans the 150 file types even faster. It offers the lowest memory footprint and computer resource usage, so you can find the information that matters to you, almost instantly.

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Data kept private

Copernic Desktop Search not only provides a search engine, but also optimizes your privacy by intelligently keeping all your data locally on your computer. With Copernic Desktop Search, it is just as safe for your files as using Windows. And you can install it without any help from your IT guy. Copernic Desktop Search will automatically index your data as soon as you launch it.

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"In stark contrast to the default Windows search option, Copernic Desktop Search gives you complete, detailed control over searching for files in a somewhat intuitive interface. Though Windows 7 and 8 have decent search features that should suffice for the average user, Copernic Desktop Search displays search parameters much more elegantly than Windows does."

- Cnet

Copernic Desktop Search Free Copernic Desktop Search Full
Free Desktop Search Complete Desktop Search
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Get more organized
Search & find files directly on your PC plus become more productive.
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Performance-oriented search experience
Search using the lightest memory footprint and resource usage.
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Keep your information private
Keep your data locally.
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User-friendly search experience
Benefit from the most user-friendly and powerful interface.
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Get it working without any help
Set it up to search Windows & Outlook.

Searches everywhere
Search for files across external & network drives.

True peace of mind
Supports over 150 file types.

Do not limit yourself
The complete version does not have an index size limit.

Advanced search experience
Instantly preview files & documents inside the results pane.

Powerful features
As an enterprise user, take Copernic offline or deploy it using GPOs.

Prioritized & free technical support
It happens. If you need help, please submit a ticket to our dedicated team.

Free Download Download
Windows compatibleCompatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista

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