What is Image to Text Recognition?

With the launch of Version 7, we added a brand new technology that greatly complements our search engine. You are working and you need to digitize a document. You could lose a lot of time to re-create the document or you could use our Copernic Desktop Search with Image to Text Recognition (Additional fee may apply from the full version) to convert your documents into digital formats in a few seconds using a scanner and an Optical Character Recognition software (OCR).

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology allowing you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents into editable and searchable content.

Copernic Advantage

Most organization needs to buy a search engine plus an Optical Character Recognition software. The advantage of having Copernic Desktop Search with Image to Text Recognition is you only have to buy one tool compared to Abby or OmniPage, and it does everything!

How does it work?

You receive an invoice by mail and need to import it into your accounting system but from time to time, you need to be able to search all your invoices. A scanned document will not be very helpful as the content won't be searchable. By scanning it, you only create an image or a snapshot of the document, which is nothing more than a collection of black and white. To extract the data from scanned documents, you need an OCR software that would convert pdf into searchable text and put them into words, thus enabling you to extract and search the content of the original document.

How to use it?

Using Copernic Desktop Search with Image Text Recognition is very simple as you have no manipulation to do except to scan the document. So, you start by scanning your document, you open Copernic Desktop Search with an activated Image Text Recognition module, you let Copernic index the content of your files & documents and then you launch a search. DONE! You simply continue using Copernic as you were before but as it needs to scan and convert the content of those scanned documents, the indexing process may be slowed down.

  • Technology

    Interested in learning how Copernic recognizes text? First, the Image Text Recognition analyzes the structure of the document image by dividing each page into elements such as text blocks, images, and tables. Then each element is divided into words and then - into characters. Once the characters have been isolated, the program compares them. After processing huge number of characters, the program finally takes the decision, presenting you the recognized text.

    In addition, Copernic Desktop Search with Image Text Recognition provides support for all 11 languages available in the application.

  • Benefits

    With Copernic Desktop Search with Image Text Recognition, you can search all of your recognized document as it looks just like the original. Having the ability to use one software combining a search engine and an OCR software allows you to save a lot of time and effort but also, a lot of money. OCR software can be very costly and Copernic offers it at a price a professional can purchase it but also small businesses. Plus, you get an award-winning search engine. What a combo!

    The time that you had to retype everything is over. You can extract quotes from books and magazines and use them for creating new documents. The entire process of data conversion from the original paper document, image or PDF takes only a few seconds and you do not have to transfer or do any manipulation. Simply let Copernic scan, index and search it.

    Learn more information on how Copernic Desktop Search with Image Text Recognition can help you in everyday life. The  Image Text Recognition module must be purchase in addition to the full version.