Windows Search using Copernic

How to use Copernic to replace Windows Search?

Open Copernic and start typing in the main Search box, and you’ll instantly see a list of relevant files in the search results pane. Windows Search only allows you to search on folder at-a-time, not Copernic. Search everywhere by typing the name of the file or any keyword that may be found in the file content. You can even refine your search using multiple refine criteria to get even more relevant results. Your search keyword are highlighted to make it easier to scan the list.

Windows Search, formerly known as Windows Desktop Search (WDS), can help you find only your files. With Copernic, you can search any type of files- documents, files, emails, attachments, music, images, videos – no matter where they are located on your computer and all under one interface compared to Windows Search.

With a very intuitive interface, Copernic distinguish itself from Windows Explorer which primary task is to facilitate the navigation through your files. Copernic helps you find your files faster and become more productive.

Copernic Desktop Search Lite is offered for free with a limit of 75,000 files.

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