Copernic Desktop Search Tips & Tricks

You can now benefit from more advanced search functions and get more out of Copernic Desktop Search. Save time and have more fun with CDS using these tried-and-true tips and tricks.

  • Search Even Faster via the Deskbar
    No need to always open CDS, just install the deskbar. Save time using this shortcut on your desktop
  • Index in Real Time
    On-the-fly indexing can monitor your computer to notice new/modified files/emails and re-index them if necessary.

5 Ways to Perform Advanced Searches With myCopernic on the Go!

Since the release of myCopernic on the Go!, we noticed that our user could benefit from some advanced search criteria that can be used within the product. We have narrowed it down to 5 easy to use tips to help you perform advanced searches from the main search box available in myCopernic on the Go!. Read more...

10 Time Saving Tips with Copernic Desktop Search

To help our users, we came up with a list of different tips that could allow them to use Copernic Desktop Search efficiently, with ease and could also save our users some time.

10 Time Saving Tips with Copernic Desktop Search

  1. Enable “search as you type”
    The search as you type option, when enabled, lets CDS launch searches and retrieve results as you type your search query.