Copernic Desktop Search: 64-bit Compatible

Great news everybody!

Today, Copernic Desktop Search version 3.5 is released.

The most important feature of this release is the MS Outlook 2010 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit support. With all 3 versions, you can combine the power of CDS and your computer to find your information instantly.

Some of you will be happy to hear that the new version contains fixes for known issues occasionally experienced. Read more...

Copernic Desktop Search Has a New Improved Index

Higher Capacity & Speed

Always striving for improvement, our team has developed a brand new enhanced index (map of your computer). This index revolutionizes the world of desktop search by increasing the speed of the initial scan and retrieval of results. However, the most important technological advancement is the boost of the capacity to index even more files than previous versions.

Copernic Desktop Search is now compatible with Microsoft® Office 2010.

CDS now compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 Here at Copernic, we are happy and proud to announce that the latest version of Copernic Desktop Search is officially compatible with the Microsoft® Office 2010 suite.

We are always going forward and improving Copernic Desktop Search and you can search your Microsoft® Word, Excel, Powerpoint files as well as your Microsoft® Outlook emails using the latest release of Copernic Desktop Search available in all three versions.


Search and Find

A short while ago, Copernic launched a brand new bundle combining two great software in one single download. Copernic Desktop Search Home and Copernic Agent Personal bundle give our users the opportunity to have two great search tools.

Now, you can get the best Search engine for your home PC: Copernic Desktop Search Home. Read more...