How to search inside pdf files?

Many documents now come in the Adobe PDF file format. Those documents can contain multiple pages and opening one at-a-time is a very long task, a very unproductive task!

How can you search inside pdf files in Windows 7 & 8? How do you search without having to open every single file you might want to look at? Read more...

Legal document search

Information is knowledge and knowing more knowledge means gaining a valuable advantage over your competitor especially in a legal case. More and more lawyers use Copernic Desktop Search to search for keywords inside legal documents.

Often legal documents are PDF files and OCR files. Many search engine will not index OCR files which can prove to have valuable information when working on a legal case. Read more...

Using Information Technology to reduce cost, increase efficiencies

Investing in a central repository or data warehouse has been an increasing trend for the past few years. Many SMBs are choosing such solution as an IT infrastructure to share their knowledge. However, most of them do not have a search tool to quickly find their documents.

Yes a good filing structure will save you time but what if you join a filing structure with a search tool to execute deep searches into your documents content, then you can gain valuable insight into your data. Read more...

Search WordPerfect® documents

Are you trying to search for content within a WordPerfect® document?

The answer is probably yes but you could not find a solution except a strong document architecture. Most desktop search engine will only index WordPerfect® file name and not their content. With Copernic Desktop Search, WordPerfect® documents (WPD, WPF, WP) and their contents are searchable. Read more...

Privacy and security in Copernic Desktop Search

There have been many questions coming in through our support portal about Copernic Desktop Search’s security. As a result, we decided to address this matter on our blog and inform everyone about how much importance we give to security and how it is handled at Copernic. All this information can be found in the Privacy Policy. Read more...

How to optimize indexing performance?

Copernic Desktop Search constantly monitors your computer’s activity to pause the indexing process when the computer resources are highly used by other programs (or processes). It also pauses the indexing process while you use other programs and restarts indexing after a certain period of inactivity. These two features enable CDS to save your computer’s resources. Read more...

Copernic Customer Appreciation Survey

For the past few weeks, we asked our customers a few questions about the company and Copernic Desktop Search. We are only showing you the most popular results as some of the results were only answered once. Read more...

How to search network drives?

Copernic Desktop Search is installed locally on your own PC but if you have a home or corporate network, CDS can search network drives as long as they are shared or mapped. To search network drives, you will need the Professional or Corporate version as the Home version is restricted to your C: drive only. Read more...

Version 3.7.0 Build 8: Windows 8 & Office 2013

We’ve decided to release a minor update to support Windows 8 and Office 2013 before a brand new major version of Copernic Desktop Search Version. In addition, it brings lots of bug fixes which will be detailed in the fixes below.

The new version 3.7 is now available for download via our Download page. Read more...

Version 3.6 is now available!

Yes, a new update for Copernic Desktop Search is now available. We did not included brand new features as we are working very hard to release a new major version.

Here are the fixes:

Changes & Improvements

  • Indexing of Windows Live Mail is now supported (except Contacts)
  • New archive content is now indexed by default (.7z, .rar, .tgz, .tbz, .tbz2, .tb2, .taz, .tlz, .txz)
  • Improved PDF indexation
  • Improved Microsoft Office documents indexation


  • Fixed deskband activation issue when deploying (through GPO).