Search Lotus Notes Email

Searching in Lotus Notes can be quite a task when you do not have the proper tool. Most Notes users will have one mail file with multiple mail archives. When they try to search, they need to know roughly where the results are. That means opening each mail file and searching it individually. You can search for items in Lotus Notes using 4 ways:

  • You can hit Ctrl-F or press the binocular icon at the top of the screen.
  • Also, you can click on the Magnifying glass icon or click on View – Search this view depending on your version of Lotus Notes.
  • Another method is to select a view is sorted by the column you wish to search and start typing. A box will pop-up to capture the letters and when you hit enter, you will jump to the first line beginning with those letters. (not the most efficient way to search)
  • Finally, you can download Copernic Desktop Search that has been built to search Lotus Notes Emails & Contacts. It will search in the email title and content.

Instead of complaining about the poor results the native Lotus Notes search capability gives you, give Copernic Desktop Search a try. It is free to use and your Corporate IT will love it as it is very resource efficient.

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