Search Google Drive using a desktop search

As you may know, Google Desktop has been discontinued for a few years now as Google focuses on web apps. While most business people continue working with desktop computers, they need a strong search engine to find their local files & emails. Sometimes, they have stored files inside a Google Drive directory to show a client or bring home to work. Most people will forget that they’ve put a file there and try searching for it when coming back to the office.

With Copernic Desktop Search, it is possible to eliminate this problemĀ if you install Google Drive directly on your computer. Once installed, simply tell Copernic Desktop Search to index it and you will be able to find that fileĀ again.

Many people use Google Drive or Dropbox and Windows Desktop Search default search engine does not allow you to search inside those folders. The full version of Copernic Desktop Search allows you to add any type of folder as long as it is mapped or shared.

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