How to search network drives?

Copernic Desktop Search is installed locally on your own PC but if you have a home or corporate network, CDS can search network drives as long as they are shared or mapped. To search network drives, you will need the Professional or Corporate version as the Home version is restricted to your C: drive only.

How it works?

By default, network drives will not be added to your indexation configurations. Open Copernic Desktop Search menu, go to Tools → Options → Files. Inside the Files tab, click on the Add button, select your network drives and click Ok.

To update the index, go to Tools → Update Index → Files. The indexation will start and once it is complete, you will be able to search network drives you have access to.

Copernic Desktop Search will become your best friend as you will be able to search the files stored on your own PC but also the ones on your network drives. Being able to find your entire data using only one search tool, it will give you a productivity edge in your daily tasks.

-Your Copernic Team

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