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    I’m running Office 2013 64 in Window 7. When I double click an office file found in the copernic “found” search window, the appropriate office program opens for a couple of seconds, shows the file then crashes. When I then reopen the office program outside of Copernic the program starts and says that the program needs repairing, I click the repair button, close the prog and reopen it. My Office progs then all say that they need to re-activate themselves with microsoft before I can then use it again – which I do.

    If I double click an office file outside of copernic – I have no problems – that is with Windows explorer, Directory Opus or QuickView Plus – all work OK.

    Using 4.2.0 – I then uninstalled this, installed 4.0.2 – same issue.

    Any ideas???

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    Copernic Support

    Hi allyf,

    Do you have the same behavior with any Office file type? Emails from Outlook, Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and Powerpoint? Or is it with some of them only?

    Have you tried to reinstall the Office suite? This is not a common issue between CDS and Office. I’ll still submit this report to our development team for further analysis.

    If problem persist after reinstalling Office, please submit a support ticket.




    Yes – any Office file.
    I am reluctant to re-install office, if it went wrong it would seriously affect my work.

    Some more info – I have found a work around, I drag the file from Copernic to my desktop – this creates a stand alone copy, and then I open that. If I need to update it, I save it to its correct folder loaction.
    Not ideal but safer then having to uninstall/re-install Office.

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