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    In order to make sure your technical problem is taken care, you should always use the online form to submit a ticket about a technical problem with the software. We strongly recommend to send snapshots of your issue and/or logs from the software with your ticket to speed up the analysis.

    Our support staff is answering your tickets from monday to friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (GMT -05:00, Eastern time Canada). You can expect an answer within a few days depending on the number of cases and the priority accorded to your case.

    Priority levels will depend if you actually have a registered license of the software or not. We will only offer basic support for people using the free versions of our products.


    Before posting a new thread on the forum about your issue:

    • – Perform a quick search to see if a similar problem has already been posted.
    • – You should always submit a ticket before posting a new forum thread since our support staff is not actively monitoring the forum every day.

    If you need to create a new thread about a technical problem:

    • – Please use a title that resume your problem in less than 3-6 words
    • – Do not combine too many questions/issues in the same thread.

    Our support staff cannot answer each individual request on the forum. You must understand that a software problem may look similar on 2 different computers but may not be resolved the same way on every computer depending on the configuration, OS version, type of HDD and folders indexed, etc.

    We reserve right to merge duplicate threads, close threads that has been already answered and if needed, to ban users who do not follow our guidelines.

    Thanks very much for your understanding

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