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    In CDS 4, we added a quick form in the software to easily send your feedback and suggestions about the software. Simply open CDS 4 and use help menu -> “Give us feedback” to send your suggestions. *This feature is only available in the retail version.

    We are trying to answer all suggestions but sometimes faced to many duplicate requests so please make sure to clearly ask for a follow-up if you need to be answered. We read every comments and suggestions and all feedbacks are brought to our product management team.

    If you want to make a suggestion on the forum:

    • – Always perform a search on the forum to see if suggestion has already been made.
    • – If you need to open a new thread about your suggestion, please use a title that resume your suggestion in less than 3-6 words and please use the appropriate “suggestion” section of the forum
    • – Please try to be as specific as possible about your suggestion in the description
    • – Add a few examples about how it would help you


    If you found a suggestion that has already been sent:

    • – You can add your own examples about how it would help you
    • – You can suggest another way to do it.
    • – You can suggest a workaround

    At all time, please try to be polite with the other members and with the Copernic staff.

    We will not comment on each suggestions on the forum but we do make sure to take note of them.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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