Copernic Customer Appreciation Survey

For the past few weeks, we asked our customers a few questions about the company and Copernic Desktop Search. We are only showing you the most popular results as some of the results were only answered once. We would like to share the results with you:

  1. How did you hear about Copernic Desktop Search?

    Web Site (42.9%), Search Engine (42.9%), Referral (14.3%)

  2. For your final decision, why did you choose Copernic Desktop Search?

    Features Available (100%)

  3. How useful is Copernic Desktop Search?

    Extremely useful (42.9%), Very useful (42.9%)

  4. How strongly do you recommend Copernic?

    Extremely strongly (21.4%), Very strongly (42.9%), Moderately strongly (14.3%), Slightly strongly (14.3%)

  5. How important is pricing when choosing this type of product?

    Important (57.1%), Moderately Important (42.9%)

  6. How did you feel about Copernic Desktop Search pricing?

    High (23.1%), About Right (61.5%), Not Important (15.4%)

  7. Compared to our competitors, how effective is Copernic Desktop Search?

    Much more effective (53.8%), Slighltly more effective (30.8%)

  8. How important is Copernic Desktop Search inside your organization?

    Moderately Important (30.8%), Not at all important (30.8%)

  9. How convenient is Copernic Desktop Search to use?

    Extermely convenient (21.4%), Very convenient (57.1%), Moderately convenient (21.4%)

As always, thank you to those who responded and we greatly appreciate your strong support and interest in Copernic Desktop Search. If you did not have time to answer the survey, you can still respond to the Customer Appreciation Survey.

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