CDS Corporate Certified for Lotus Software

A short while ago, we approached IBM to have their certification concerning Copernic Desktop Search’s features for Lotus Notes. We are proud to announce that after reviewing our product, Copernic Desktop Search Corporate has received certification that it is ready for IBM Lotus software.

This technical validation indicates that our software integrates the very specific standards defined by IBM. CDS Corporate has passed with success the multiple technical tests to guarantee a seamless integration of our software with IBM technologies. In other words, by using our software, you are ensured to get a desktop search solution that is best suited for use with IBM Lotus Notes. This certification also entitles Copernic to the IBM Partner status.

CDS Corporate is already listed in IBM Lotus Business Solutions Catalog and Global Solutions Directory.

Should you require further information, visit Copernic Desktop Search Corporate pages.

– Mélissa Clermont, Director Marketing Operations

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