Copernic Desktop Search Tips & Tricks

You can now benefit from more advanced search functions and get more out of Copernic Desktop Search. Save time and have more fun with CDS using these tried-and-true tips and tricks.

  • Search Even Faster via the Deskbar
    No need to always open CDS, just install the deskbar. Save time using this shortcut on your desktop

  • Index in Real Time
    On-the-fly indexing can monitor your computer to notice new/modified files/emails and re-index them if necessary. In the Options (Tools > Options), Under Indexing & Performance Tab, under On the Fly indexing, select these two options:

  • Manage Results
    Make it easier to view and sort search results based on various criteria.
    E.g. "Search Categories" or "Arrange items by Sorting"

  • More Content to Search
    Looking to index files stored on your computer, network drives or specific folders. Folders can be added/excluded or removed and targeted files can be easily modified in the Copernic Desktop Search Options (Tools > Options > Files).
  • Search your Desktop while Using your Browser
    CDS can integrate a browser toolbar to be able to search your desktop while surfing the Web.

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– Vincent Douville, Manager, Online Sales

5 thoughts on “Copernic Desktop Search Tips & Tricks”

  1. Is it possible to turn off all the “Web” search result stuff?

    I am trialling Copernic Pro but the Web tab and mentions of Web search seem really unprofessional to me within the GUI. I want to search my computer, I have a web browser for that other stuff.

    If I was to purchase a license, do these tabs either

    a) Go away
    b) Become optional



  2. how about some tips and tricks for boolean searching with CDS… Perhaps developing either 1) a boolean search wizard so the user doesn’t have to know, ” “, & or other operators? or 2) a link in the search box next to the clear link that says “boolean tips” that opens up in the preview pane that gives hints and ideas.

    Better yet would be an “advanced search” link next to the clear link in the CDS search area that opens up an advanced search wizard… that would be GREAT and would make it much easier to see the power of CDS

  3. I don’t want my search requests being sent to a search engines, as I consider the keywords private.

    How do I switch off the “web results”?



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