Search Google Drive using a desktop search

As you may know, Google Desktop has been discontinued for a few years now as Google focuses on web apps. While most business people continue working with desktop computers, they need a strong search engine to find their local files & emails. Sometimes, they have stored files inside a Google Drive directory to show a client or bring home to work. Read more...

Using AND or OR operators to search Outlook

Many users ask us: Is there a way I can search using AND and OR operators to search Microsoft Outlook?

Using Copernic Desktop Search, you can build complex query to search emails inside Microsoft Outlook.

The AND operator: Finds emails that contains all of the specified words.
Exemple: business AND meeting.

Desktop Search for your company

Today, we are pleased to announce a new section on our website. We are now offering an Entreprise section to

Copernic Desktop Search has been beneficial to over 4,000,000 users and the business world can now also benefit from it.

According to International Data Corporation, their survey reveals that information worker, you, spend most of their time performing document-related activity. Read more...

End of Support for Copernic Agent

After many years, support for Copernic Agent ended on January 31st 2014. The various engines behind Copernic Agent are no longer updated or fixed.

Since September 30th 2014, all versions of Copernic Agent are no longer available for download or purchase. Copernic no longer supports, updates or provide technical support for Copernic Agent. Read more...

Early Access Updates Program

Get your updates before everybody else.

What is the Early Access Updates Program?
The EAUP allows you to get the updates and fixes before everybody else. These updates are still in testing mode but they are stable versions. It allows us to get feedback on future issues before it is released to all users. Read more...

How do I search for a file on my computer?

To search for files on your computer using Copernic Desktop Search, press CTRL twice and the interface will pop-up.

copernic desktop search interface

In the interface that opens up, you will see the search bar at the top, and the search results window in the top part of the screen with a preview pane at the bottom. Read more...

Search Lotus Notes Email

Searching in Lotus Notes can be quite a task when you do not have the proper tool. Most Notes users will have one mail file with multiple mail archives. When they try to search, they need to know roughly where the results are. That means opening each mail file and searching it individually. Read more...

Windows Search using Copernic

How to use Copernic to replace Windows Search?

Open Copernic and start typing in the main Search box, and you’ll instantly see a list of relevant files in the search results pane. Windows Search only allows you to search on folder at-a-time, not Copernic. Search everywhere by typing the name of the file or any keyword that may be found in the file content. Read more...

Update on Heartbleed

Dear users,

Copernic wanted to update you regarding the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug. Given its potential impact, we wanted to ensure you understood potential implications.

The Heartbleed issue is a vulnerability that exposes secure information by exploiting a programming bug in the OpenSSL library that makes the remote process (web server, for instance) leak a random block of memory. Read more...