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Copernic is revolutionizing the working world. Powerful, fast, and accurate, its search results extend to Cloud files, 119 compatible file types, and even text thanks to its character recognition technology.


Copernic Desktop Search

Desktop Search

Award-winning windows search tool for your PC.
Finding the relevant data with our powerful index has never been easier & faster.

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Copernic Search Server


New version available!
Enterprise search engine for your team.
Implementing a simple yet powerful shared index will give your team access to untapped knowledge.
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Faster search on Windows 10

Install Copernic Desktop Search on your Windows PC and start finding your Microsoft Office Files, Microsoft Outlook emails & attachments instantly.

Keep your information private

We do NOT collect any data.

User-friendly Windows search experience

We offer the most user-friendly and powerful interface of the industry.

Stop wasting time now

Once you have saved a file, let Copernic search for it on your PC or Server.

Main Benefits

Fastest Windows file search engine
Install it, build the index and start finding your files, emails, documents, & PDFs instantly.
Install it without any help
To install it, you do not need any help from your IT or their approval*. Download our Installation Guide.
(* Requires administrative privileges)
Keep your information secure
We do NOT collect any data. You can even activate it without being connected to the internet.
Become an expert in no time
With our Quick Start Guide that will explain how to use our easy-to-interface, you will become a windows search expert.
Precise preview pane
Open any search result in its native application from the preview pane.
Microsoft Outlook/PST
Search your emails, contacts, calendar items over multiple OST/PST files.
Powerful index
With our index, scan through TB of data.
Offline activation
Not connected to the internet, no problem. You can still register your license.
Deploy our application using GPOs.
Dedicated Support
We have a dedicated team to answer any of your questions, even if you are using the free version.
Convert images to pdf or text
Without having to install an expensive tool to convert images to searchable content using OCR technology, Copernic does it for you in seconds.
Dynamic highlithing
Inside the preview pane, see your keyword highlited .

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