Copernic Search Server

Technologie de recherche pour entreprise rapide et intelligente

Vous cherchez une solution de recherche pour entreprise simple mais efficace? Copernic
vous offre sa technologie de recherche primée pour votre serveur en entreprise.
Cette technologie permet à chaque employé d'accès aux fichiers pertinents à son travail
instatanément et à n'importe quel moment.

Copernic Search Server Architecture


Even better search power Used to the power of Copernic's search engine, get it directly on your server
Move beyond your desktop Unify your business ecosystem, allow your team to search any documents on a file server.
  • Deliver information securely
  • Compatible with Windows Server
  • Find documents, files, PDFs and more instantly
Deliver information securely Copernic ensures content security, so people see only what they should.
Over 150 file types supported With huge amounts of data generated daily, Copernic supports the most files such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, WordPerfect and much more.
Combine your searches locally & on a server Using a quick drop-down inside the interface, easily switch your searches between a local index and the shared index on a file server
Control the installation on the server With a intuitive server interface, easily configure the server index by following a few steps. You can even download the Quick Start Guide to start the installation.
Deploy the client installation using GPOs Copernic Desktop Search - Entreprise can be centrally distributed and managed using the Group Policy (GPO).
Centralized & Shared index With a shared and central index, the load on the network is non-existent since the initial indexing process takes place directly on the server.
Fast initial indexing The initial indexing creates the keyword map using the processing power of your server.
Award-winning interface Using our users' feedback, we continually improve the interface to help your users find those documents even faster.