Minimize CDS to the system tray

You can minimize CDS to the system tray. This means that although the application window is not displayed, CDS continues to run. You will notice this icon near your computer clock. It can also be called "running in the background".

Why should I keep CDS running in the background?

When CDS is running, it can keep on indexing your files and emails on the fly. Even when you are using the computer, it uses only a fraction of a second to index a file, without impairing your work or computer resources.

CDS also needs to run to perform automatic or custom scheduled index updates.

How do I minimize CDS to the system tray?

You do not have to do anything to minimize CDS to the system tray. Once it is started, clicking the will close only the main window, not the application. Unless you especially click Exit, CDS will not stop running.