Workspace elements

The application window features useful menus, a toolbar that provides access to search categories and commands. The left area contains two sections: Search and Refine. The rest of the window displays the list of results and a document preview pane.

Menu bar

The menu bar provides access to useful options, commands and help contents. Click one of the menu items, File, Edit, View, My Searches, Tools or Help, to see the available commands. A grayed out option means it is not available.

Desktop search category toolbar

The desktop search category toolbar provides access to each search category. The first button, All, allows you to search in all search categories at the same time. The number written underneath each search category refers to the number of results available in each of them. Text labels on these buttons can be removed.

Search section

Type your keywords in the search box in the Search section. You can use various search operators, such as Boolean operators (AND/+, OR, NOT/-) and parentheses to refine your query. You can also use quotation marks for exact phrases or whole words.

You can click the search button () or hit the Enter key to launch the query (not required when the Search as you type option is selected since it filters and displays results as you enter letters in the search box). You can also select a criterion in a drop-down list of the Refine section.

Refine section

The Refine section allows you to refine a query with search fields offering criteria and/or search boxes to enter keywords, depending on the case. These search boxes also allow you to use various search operators.

Search results list

Copernic Desktop Search uses the upper-right pane of the main window to display the search results. The pane header varies depending on the search category and result contents.

The search results pane also features useful shortcuts to other applications related to the targeted search category. These shortcuts are available in the result list header when a result is selected, and in the result's right-click menu.

Preview section

Available for each desktop search category, this section displays a software-based preview of the selected result. Previews are extremely convenient to examine contents without opening each result in its native application. Search terms can be highlighted in the result list of all search categories and the preview pane of the Emails, Files, Favorites/Bookmarks and History categories.

The Status bar

The status bar indicates the current application status, such as the number of matching items and the index complete status: Indexing or Scanning (and folder's path), Idle, etc. The status bar also features a magnifying glass icon followed by a little black arrow and the index brief status - Idle or Updating. Clicking any of these items displays a quick menu window which featuring commands described previously: Open Copernic Desktop Search, Indexing Status, Pause Indexing, Update Index, and Exit.