Overview of the Options window

General settings


Display settings


This section contains the list of search categories that can be displayed on the toolbar of the Copernic Desktop Search main window. Remember: You cannot search for a particular type of file unless its category, hence the corresponding button, is displayed on the toolbar.

Email indexing settings

This section displays the list of email folders that can be indexed. You can index the entire mailbox, or part of it.

Files indexing settings

This tab displays the list of folders to index (colored icons), and those to exclude (uncolored icons). The first part of the list indicates the name or complete path to each folder to index as well as the types of files to index (Documents, Music, Pictures and/or Videos), under the File Types to Index column. The lower part of the list displays folders to exclude. As excluded folders are never indexed, the File types column displays None for each specified folder.

Other content indexing settings


This section lets you select which Contacts folder to index, if any. The Contacts folder is your email address book and information storage for the people and businesses you want to communicate with.

Browser favorites

This section lets you select which Favorites/Bookmarks folder to index, if any. The Favorites/Bookmarks folder contains Web site and Web page addresses that you have bookmarked for quick access on future visits.

Browser history

This section lets you select which History folder to index, if any. The History folder contains links to Web sites and Web pages visited in previous days and weeks.

Integration settings




Web search engine


Default desktop search (Vista SP1 only)


Indexing & performance settings

On the fly indexing

Scheduled indexing

Indexing performance


File types to index: This section shows the complete list of multimedia and other file types to index.