Set up Copernic Desktop Search

Perform the following steps to install and quickly configure and customize Copernic Desktop Search:

  1. Download CDS. / Click Run. / Click Run again.

  2. Follow the Setup Wizard's on-screen instructions.

  3. Start CDS.

  4. Follow on-screen instructions of the Configuration Wizard:

    1. Choose contents to search: files, emails and contacts, favorites, history.

    2. Select browser toolbars to install: Internet Explorer, Firefox.

    3. Specify whether to use default settings. If you chose not to, specify folders to index.

  5. Set preferences for automatically starting Copernic Desktop Search.

  6. Make sure your index stays up-to-date:

    1. Configure index updates.

    2. Enable On-the-fly indexing.

  7. Perform your first search.

You can also customize various search, result and display settings.