What is Copernic Desktop Search?

Copernic Desktop Search is a powerful program that lets you instantly find files stored anywhere on your computer. Search for various types of documents, emails and their attachments, all popular image, video and audio files, contacts, favorites and history items, and so many more. CDS also allows you to search the Web for sites, news, products and so on, using predefined categories.

Copernic Desktop Search offers direct and integrated desktop and Web search capabilities:


Key features

Find any file on your computer

  • Instantly find Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, Word Perfect, text, ZIP files.

  • Quickly locate emails or attachments from Outlook, Outlook Express/Windows Mail, Eudora and Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Search for over 150 other types of files.

  • Power your search with specific refining fields or advanced search operators.

Copernic's usability expertise

  • Search the Web or your computer from the same lightweight, intuitive interface.

  • Use any of our two convenient toolbars: deskbar and browser toolbar.

  • Stay informed with RSS feeds deliver straight to your ticker (Internet Explorer browser only).

  • Speed up your access to powerful Web and desktop searching with useful keyboard shortcuts.

Results and beyond

  • Instantly preview filtered matching results as you type.

  • Easily find search keywords: auto-scroll to first occurrence and highlighted keyword.

  • Use dynamic word-find buttons to trace keywords in document previews.

  • Easily sort and group search results.

  • Act on result: open folder, open files, open, reply or forward emails, etc.

Take control of your search experience

  • Choose file and email folders to index.

  • Control your computer resources usage when indexing documents.

  • Specify additional file types to index by file name.

  • Enable the on-the-fly time indexing feature for automatic, unnoticed real-time indexing of new/updated files (Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT required), and sent/received emails with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Selectively suspend the indexing process when a laptop runs on battery power.

Copernic Desktop Search: the tool you need to find any file!