Index and indexing process

  1. Why are some files not indexed on the fly on my computer?

    Copernic Desktop Search offers an indexing on file change feature, also called indexing on the fly. Even if you enable "Indexing on the fly" in the Options > Advanced window, a scheduled or manual update might need to take place for different reasons.

  • Email messages received when Outlook is closed are not indexed on the fly.
  • Outlook archives (.pst) are never indexed on the fly.
  • Files created or modified and emails received while Copernic Desktop Search is closed are not indexed on the fly. These addition, modification and deletion will be applied to the index at the next index update (manual or scheduled).
  • For a network drive to be indexed on the fly, your computer and the computer where the drive is located must run under an operating system that supports Indexing on the Fly, namely Windows NT/2000/XP.

Search problems

  1. Why can't I find the file that I am looking for?
  • It might be in a different search category. Look at the Other Search Results section, which displays the number of results that match your query in other categories, or select a different search category and perform the query again.
  • It might not be indexed yet. Wait a few minutes for the real-time indexing process to pick it up.
  • Files in this search category are not indexed at all. Go to the appropriate Options window to verify it and make all required changes.
  • The file format is not indexed. Go to the Options > Advanced window. If the file extension is not in the list, add it.
  • It was on a removable media. Files located on CDs, DVDs and removable drives are indexed but are deleted from the index when the media is replaced.

Results & Display

  1. The search category that I need is not displayed on the toolbar of the Copernic Desktop Search main window.

    By default, Copernic Desktop Search displays all available search categories. If these settings were modified, and the needed category's button is no longer displayed, refer to the Buttons to Display section of the General Options window.

  1. In the Options window, click General.
  2. In the Buttons to display section, select the check boxes of the buttons you want to show on the toolbar.
  1. Keywords are not highlighted in the file preview.
    Make sure that the highlighting feature is turned on. If it isn't, click the Toggle Highlight button (Highlight icon).

  2. I can't scroll through the highlighted keywords.
    Click the word-find button (Word-find icon) , located in the preview's header, to scroll to the next occurrence of the corresponding keyword. To go to the previous word occurrence, hold the Shift key while clicking the word-find button.
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