Copernic Tracker

Copernic Tracker

Note: After many years, Copernic Tracker is no longer available for download or purchase since October 1st 2015. The technology behind Copernic Tracker was not longer up to date. Copernic will continue to support Copernic Tracker until April 30th, 2016.

Monitor new content on web pages and notifies you.

  • Track, store and organize web site changes.
  • Receive update alerts by email with changes highlighted.
  • Watch for specific keywords on pages

Copernic Tracker automatically looks for new content on Web pages, as often as you like. When a change is detected, our Web site tracking software can notify you by sending an email, including a copy of the Web page with the changes highlighted, or by displaying a desktop alert.

This powerful Web site tracking software monitors Web pages and notifies you when they change.

While being incredibly easy to use, Copernic Tracker will satisfy power-users seeking to monitor Web site changes, to then store and organize change captured on specified pages. It's the perfect Internet monitoring software for everyone from home users to competitive intelligence researchers!

    Copernic Tracker will help you to track :
  • Online forums and Social Medias
  • Auctions
  • News sites
  • Product updates
  • New job notices
  • Competitors' Web sites
  • And much more...
  • Enables users to track countless Web pages located on Web sites and in intranets.
  • Tracks changed words, new links or images in documents.
  • Allows customization of various parameters for a specific tracking task.
  • Features an advanced query form, including Boolean
  • Keeps copies of page revisions to enable users to compare changes from the past.
  • Permits to add user notes for tracked pages and each of their revisions.
  • Enables users to manage tracking tasks with folders and subfolders.
  • Allows users to examine changed pages and tracking errors in specific folders.
  • Features a Web page preview pane to display each revision.
  • Permits to execute tracking tasks manually for selected pages, a folder or a schedule.
  • Displays a tracking task progress report while a tracking is underway.
  • Enables users to import and back up/restore tracking tasks and pages.
  • Allows users to export different page revisions to a single file.
  • Enables users to import their favorites from Internet Explorer.

Tracking Scheduling
  • Features four preset schedules.
  • Allows for the customization of the preset tracking schedules.
  • Can postpone indefinitely the execution of tracking tasks, individually or globally.

  • Alert of page changes by sending an email report containing page contents with highlighted changes.
  • Sends tracking reports by email to one or more recipients.

Integration and Customization
  • Allows for the addition of multiple Copernic Tracker shortcuts.
  • Allows for the customization of tracking task lists (layout and sorting).
  • Enables users to personalize toolbars and menus by adding, removing and rearranging buttons and items, creating custom toolbars and using many other related options.
Licensing One license per computer.
Required Operating System Windows XP (32-bits only)
Required Memory 256 MB of ram
Required Hard Disk Space 30MB available
Required Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer® 4.0 to 6.0
Languages English and French
Copernic Tracker Tracker Windows XP Compatible


"Copernic Tracker is FANTASTIC and I often recommend [...] This is an exciting product and I think a lot of knowledge workers and web searchers will wonder how they ever lived without it."

Mr. Konstantaras