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Search your private cloud from anywhere!

  • Search & view your data, anywhere using a web browser.
  • Uses the power of Copernic Desktop Search from anywhere.
  • No limit on space or queries, the only limit is your own computer's hard drive.
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myCopernic on the Go! works with the Copernic Connector, a small piece of software installed on the PC you want to search remotely. For any search, the Connector must be running and the remote PC must be ON and connected to the internet. The Connector uses an encrypted connexion to ensure your privacy at all time.

To search your PC remotely, you need to myCopernic on the Go! and a supported desktop search. We strongly recommend using Copernic Desktop Search to work in conjunction with myCopernic on the Go!

How to use myCopernic on the Go?

Open any browser and visit Once you are logged in, you can easily search your remote PC. Your search results are organized by date accessed, with the most recently opened file or document at the top. Files can be downloaded directly onto your device by clicking on the green arrow that appears in the search results.

You can also send yourself the file by email. However, you need to set up this feature inside the Connector and you need to enter a lot of information about your email account such as the SMTP server, email address, username, password and port settings.

  • Search on your PC from anywhere
  • Find emails older than 7 days
  • Retrieve important files or presentations from your computer while awayDownload or forward files and emails to your contacts at any time, from anywhere
  • Keep control over your data: With myCopernic on the Go!, your data stays where it should: on your computer. No need to upload to a third party server to get access. This stops your stuff from becoming fragmented and falling into another entity's service or site.
  • Your data is kept private: Your data is yours and therefore only searched and read by you. The access to your personal computer is protected by a secure login that you create and that is known only by you. Encrypted connections ensure your privacy at all time.
Licensing One license per device.
Desktop Search Copernic Desktop Search 3.x
Operating System Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP SP3
Memory 256 MB of ram
Hard Disk Space 30MB available
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7.0 or more / Mozilla Firefox® 4 or more / Google Chrome®
Index Size The index size will vary according to the number and type of documents indexed.
Languages English


The new generation of the CTIA award-winning Copernic Mobile.

myCopernic on the Go! CTIA Award
myCopernic on the Go! Windows 7 Compatible