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Last year, Copernic Desktop Search helped over 1 million
users find their files at home and at the office.
Immediate results:
Copernic enables you to quickly find files, documents & emails using the Preview Pane by highlighting keywords so you don't need to loose time opening each file or document looking for what you are actually searching for.
Highly recommended:
CDS has become the world’s #1 desktop search tool for Windows-based computers. For the past 10 years, companies have switched to Copernic Desktop Search because of it's easy-to-use, instant and reliable search engine. Learn more about our company.
Searches everything privately:
Hundreds of file types formats are supported, whether your information is stored in a Microsoft Office document, zip file, PDF file; Copernic Desktop Search will find it for you. Copernic runs locally on your computer, so we do not track or look at what you search. Your files are your files and we like it that way. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Copernic Desktop Search Features

Install it, yourself
No IT Department needed. Anyone can install it.
6 languages
Work in your own language: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch & Portuguese.
Search categories
Use the various search categories to immediately refine your search.
Search within results
Another search bar is available for you to search another keyword inside the preview pane.
My Searches
Everyday you launch the same query, save it into My Searches.
Act on your results
The Windows Contextual Menu is available. (Open, Edit, Print...)
Export Search Results
Export formats can be customized to your needs.
Search as you type
As soon as you start typing, search results will appear.
Technical support
A dedicated team is available for all your technical questions.
Drag & Drop
Need to drag a search results into another program, simply drag it.
Search Operators
Refine your query using the standard search operators.
Refine criteria
Each search category has specific refine fields to help you find what you are looking for.
Add unlimited file types
Looking for a specific file but it's not supported, simply add it and the file name will be indexed.
Preview images within the preview pane without opening each image.
Supports Windows XP & higher
Copernic works great on Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 (32 & 64 bits)