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  • Highly recommended
    CDS has become the world’s #1 desktop search engine. Copernic makes it easy for people to search their files, documents & emails using specific keywords. For the past 10 years, companies have switched to Copernic Desktop Search because of it's easy-to-use, instant and reliable search engine.
  • Searches everything
    In any version of Windows, use Copernic instead of Windows Search to find everything - documents, email messages, songs, videos - that's stored on your computer.
  • How do I use Copernic?
    Open Copernic and start typing in the main Search box, and you'll instantly see a list of relevant files in the search results pane. Windows Search only allows you to search on folder at-a-time, not Copernic. Search everywhere by typing the name of the file or any keyword that may be found in the file content. You can even refine your search using multiple refine criteria to get even more relevant results. Your search keyword are highlighted to make it easier to scan the list.
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  • Copernic File Search 3
  • Install it, yourself
    Copernic Desktop Search Software is a standalone software with a very simple installation process. Anyone can install it and it works on computers with very basic requirements.
  • How safe is your information?
    We know how valuable your information is and we make sure that the information is kept on your PC. Copernic Desktop Search does not allow the transmission of your keywords, search results or their content back to Copernic. Therefore, we do not see what you are looking for or the content of your documents. To learn more about our license agreement
  • Who uses Copernic?
    From home users, to small businesses, to mid-sized companies, to major corporations such as Mercer, Copernic Desktop Search has become the go-to desktop search tool for PC users worldwide.
  • A track record you can trust
    Copernic has been in business for 18 years. Our job is to help you search your documents faster. Learn more about the company
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