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12 reasons you should upgrade to CDS 4

Spot the differences between version 3 and the brand new version 4. The table below allows you to see the new highlights Copernic is bringing to the new version:

  Version 4 Version 3
A beautifully redesigned user-interface

We dramatically revamped the look and feel of the Copernic Desktop Search interface. The new design defines the search experience in simplicity and efficiency.

New grid view

With more and more information stored on your computer, we redesigned the standard view to remove the clutter and present the search results with more clarity.

More ways to sort

Inside the new grid view, the user can now sort every column, allowing it more control over its search results.

Full Google Chrome™ Integration

With the increasing popularity of Google Chrome™, Copernic Desktop Search can now search your Google Chrome™ favorites and browsing history.

Improved result list & refine criteria

There was also a need to revamped the Detailed view to present only the relevant information to the user. WIth more and more complex information architecture, we added more flexibility by including more refine criteria.

New languages offered: Dutch and Portuguese

CDS 4 now supports double-byte characters. This means that new languages such as Mandarin, Hebrew and Russian are supported. As more and more users are coming to Copernic, new languages will be added.

No more Web search tab

For the latest version of Copernic Desktop Search, the web search tab was removed to focus on the searches launched on your PC.

Find within your preview

A brand new feature allowing the user to find other keywords inside the preview pane. It is like using the CTRL+F function on your PC.

Shorter update release schedule

With the adoption of new technologies to develop the software, we can now release new updates & upgrades more often. Our users will only benefits from more improvements and new features.

Optimized for Windows 8

With previous versions, CDS was fully compatible but now it has been optimized for Windows 8. It really integrates smoothly with the operating system.

New Software Assurance

With the software assurance, all our users (even the free products) can get prioritized technical support, updates and upgrades for one year.

New short cut to launch CDS

We replaced the search bar inside the Windows Task bar by a new shortcut. The user can now press CTRL twice and Copernic Desktop Search will be launched.