Desktop Search Upgrade

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Reasons you should upgrade to Copernic Desktop Search 5

Spot the differences between version 4 and the brand new version 5.
The table below allows you to see the new highlights Copernic is bringing to the new version:

Version 5 Version 4
A beautifully improved user-interface

We revamped a few aspect of the interface without disrupting how you use Copernic Desktop Search. The "My Searches" have been moved next to the Search button and we have updated the resizing controls.

New indexing engine (up to 10x faster)

With more and more information stored on your computer, a new indexing engine necessary to improve your search experience. The initial indexing will be performed even faster as well as your everyday searches.

Improved refine criteria pane

Inside the interface, the user can now hide the right pane to have more space to show even more search results.

Offline activation

For corporate users, they can now activate their license without being connected to the internet.

Multi-selection on search results

It is finally here. With the new indexing engine, it is now possible to select multiple search results and act one them. You can remove, copy and add to zip as many search results as you want within Copernic Desktop Search.

New Message Bar

Inside the interface, there is a new message bar to display Copernic Desktop Search status to give more information to the user.

Improved search experience

Many improvements have been made to improve the search speed as well as how the results are shown.