Releases History

Version – October 10, 2017

Changes & Improvements

  • Improved image detection in Microsoft OneNote files.
  • Added the "file type" refinement field for Microsoft OneNote files.
  • Added a selection field in the Advanced Options for Microsoft Outlook indexation.
  • Added support for the operators even when the application is installed in another language.
  • Improved Lotus Notes detection.
  • Optimized indexation for Microsoft Outloook items.
  • Improved ADMX files in English and German.
  • Improved parameters and dependencies for Microsoft Outlook indexation.
  • Improved upgrade process from previous releases.
  • Added support for Microsft Outlook 2016 in the native indexing method.


  • Fixed a drag & drop issue with the result list.
  • Fixed a problem with the context menu appearance in the result list.
  • Fixed a problem when adding a new source during the application start-up process.
  • Fixed a problem when generating the email tree architecture.
  • Fixed a problem when accessing the sources.
  • Fixed a problem when closing the application.
  • Fixed a problem preventing email indexation older than one year.
  • Fixed a problem causing the Relevance column to disappear.
  • Fixed a problem with the Sort order while using the standard view.
  • Fixed a problem that caused excluded folders to reappear.
  • Changed the configuration file back-up procedure.
  • Fixed a problem with the silent installation process.
  • Fixed a problem with the installation process.
  • Fixed a problem causing the application to crash at startup if the configuration file is corrupt.
  • Hide the software update button if the block software updates GPO is set.
  • Hide the splash screen when starting the application minimized.
  • Fixed a problem causing the delete action to fail when previewing a PDF file.
  • Many corrections and fixes.

Version – June 13, 2017


  • Added Microsoft OneNote as a File Type refinement.
  • Added the .NET framework for Microsoft Outlook Add-in
  • Fixed an indexation issue for attached images in Microsoft OneNote documents.
  • Fixed spelling issues in French and Spanish.
  • Fixed an issue in Microsoft Outlook and PST files.
  • Fixed an issue with admx files.
  • Fixed an issue with Microsoft Outlook Add-In.
  • Fixed an issue for the result count in the detailed result list.
  • Updated the Aspose.Note and Aspose.Email librairies.
  • Updated the licensing for Offline activation.
  • Improved search results loading.
  • Improved refreshing options for sources
  • Many corrections and fixes.

Version – March 30, 2017


  • Fixed a potential crashes using the Options pane.
  • Fixed an issue with the drag&drop that could delete the source file.
  • Fixed an issue when using contextual menu on search results.
  • Fixed some issues when using non-Gregorian calendar.
  • Fixed an issue when using the option to move the index.
  • Fixed a registration problem during the installation process.
  • Fixed Microsoft Outlook Add-In installation error.
  • Fixed Microsoft Outlook contact properties.
  • Fixed some Microsoft Outlook indexation issues.
  • Fixed indexation and detection issues for Offline PST files.
  • Fixed Windows Live Mail detection.
  • Fixed an issue with the search feature when in startup mode.
  • Fixed configuration save process that could fail in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed Microsoft OneNote indexation issues with embedded documents.
  • Fixed Microsoft OneNote issue causing an out of memory error.
  • Fixed some issues with translations.
  • Fixed Lotus Notes registration issue with x64 version.
  • Fixed an issue with the new PDF preview where it wouldn't work with some documents.
  • Fixed some issues with the installation file.
  • Many corrections and fixes.

Version – January 31st, 2017

Changes & Improvements

  • Added support for Lotus Notes 9
  • Added support for Microsoft OneNote files indexation
  • Added support for EPUB e-book indexation
  • Added support for Offline PST indexation
  • Added a new Microsoft Outlook indexing method using an Add-In
  • Added a new sort by relevance
  • Added a new startup splash screen
  • Added a smart indexing performance
  • Improved document preview
  • Improved PDF document preview
  • Add a delay before starting the Outlook Add-in to accelerate Outlook startup


  • Fixed an registration issue with Lotus Notes for Copernic Desktop Search version x64
  • Fixed some issues with the installation file
  • Many corrections and optimisations
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