Copernic Deskop Search 4

Copernic Desktop Search
Copernic Desktop Search

Desktop Search - Search your files & emails

  • Search for files & emails you need when you need them
  • Find more files with better results than with the built-in search
  • Search the content of your files and their file name
  • Desktop Search Interface 1
  • Desktop Search Interface 2
  • Desktop Search Interface 1

Copernic Desktop Search Professional has been replaced by Copernic Desktop Search Full edition. Copernic Desktop Search is like your personal assistant that finds everything you need on your computer, instantly. It helps you find that file stored somewhere on your computer. With over 150 file types supported and the possibility to add more, no file goes missing. Unlike other desktop search tools, Coperinc Desktop Search runs a scan of all your files & emails to create a map (index). Once this map has been created, you will be able to search inside and out your computer. The initially indexing may take some time depending on the amount of files, their types and size.

Your email client is loaded with multiple mailboxes and archives from past years, download Copernic Desktop Search to give you a hand. With a deep integration with Outlook®, Eudora®, Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail, you can quickly scan through hundreds of emails and their attachments. 

 Copernic Desktop Search allows you to search, preview and act on the information stored in your computer and that is relevant to you.

  • Search files stored on your local hard drive and network drives
  • Search emails in Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail
  • Search Outlook emails, attachments, appointements, task & notes
  • Search all your computer without any limit on the index
  • Search documents, emails, contacts & multimedia files all under one revamped interface
  • Optimized to have the lowest memory foot print and computer resources usage, so you can work while it indexes
  • Licensing: One license per computer.
  • Updates and technical supported included. Upgrades are not included.

Which version suits you?

Full Version Lite Version
Instantly search for over 150 file types Full Full
Commercial Use Full
No Index limit (75,000 files) Full
Search Outlook emails, attachments, appointments,
tasks and notes
Index network drives & external hard drives Full
Preview (without advertisement) Full
Customer Support Full
Licensing One license per computer
Required Operating System Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP SP3
Required Memory 256 MB of ram
Required Hard Disk Space 30MB available
Required Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7.0 or more / Mozilla Firefox® 4 or more / Google Chrome®
Index Size The index size will vary according to the number and type of documents indexed.
Internet Connection An Internet connection is required to activate a license

"Copernic Desktop Search 4 is a great product which works beautifully with my more than 30 years of documents etc.It would be hard to beat this software!”

Frank, Australia

"I hate, hate, hate Google Desktop Search and one of the reasons is that it wastes so much screen space. I do a search and I can only see a few hits at a time without having to endlessly scroll. One of the things I’ve loved about Copernic is the fact that it offers a far more compressed results screen and I can see a ton of hits at once. For me, there would be times when I want the detailed view, but 99% of the time I’m interested in the summary view.”


"Copernic Desktop Search is a very useful tool for anyone who knows how long it takes to search today's hundred gigabyte sized hard disk. The intuitive user interface allows one to figure out how CDS works and it allows more advanced users to utilize more powerful searching options in just a click of a mouse."

Best Software 4 Download

"Fast, comprehensive search. Pro version doesn't spam up your desktop. Who has time and patience to wait for windows explorer. Also, you can really get specific with keyword and file type searches."


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Featured review

"By the way, Desktop Search is one of the most valuable applications I use. With literally thousands of documents, it has saved me many, many hours since I started using it. And it's far superior to your competition."

Joseph Gilsoul