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Information management is a challenging issue for many people and organizations. As information increases
in the digital world exponentially year over year, knowledge workers have a growing need for fast, efficient,
and reliable ways to file, manage, locate and retrieve information. Copernic Desktop Search helps you find your
files, emails & documents faster and become more productive. It has become the world's #1 desktop search tool
for Windows environments. For the past 10 years, users, professionals and companies have switched to Copernic
because of it's easy-to-use, instant and reliable search engine.

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Find your emails & files stored on your computer.

Find everything faster using the latest search experience. Our Desktop Search solution finds all the important files, emails & documents faster than ever before. Become more productive instantly. Download the free version today:

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I've recommended Copernic Desktop Search to clients. It's an amazing and under-rated program. It works exactly as advertised and it's not expensive. Every business should have a copy.

Jonathan, Australia

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