Box Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search

Quickly find your emails & files stored on your computer.

Instantly search files, e-mails, and e-mail attachments stored anywhere on your PC's hard drive. The application executes sub second searching of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, Acrobat PDFs, multimedia, etc. View more >

Box On the Go

On the Go!

Search your private cloud from anywhere!

myCopernic on the Go! provides quick and easy access to your computer content from anywhere, using a remote PC or a mobile device. It allows searching, accessing and downloading content such as files, emails, organizer items, music and pictures stored on your PC. View more >

Box Summarizer

Copernic Summarizer

Create concise summary of any document or web page..

Copernic's easy-to-use summarizing software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating concise document summaries of any file or Web page so you spend considerably less time reading without missing any important information. View more >

Box Tracker

Copernic Tracker

Monitor new content on Web pages and notifies you.

Copernic Tracker is a powerful Web site tracking software that monitors Web pages and notifies you when they change. It keeps you up to date with what's new on sites you're interested in and saves you countless browsing hours. View more >