Copernic Agent

Copernic Agent

Use the power of leading web search engines.

Note: As of January 31st 2014, Copernic announces that Copernic Agent Professional will no longer be available for sale on January 31st. Therefore, new and existing installations will not be updated to include new features or fixes. Thanks again to all of our users.

What is Copernic Agent?

As the information available on the web is growing exponentially and current search engines push a lot of sponsored links which affects greatly the search results quality. Copernic Agent becomes a true deep web search engine where the results are relevant to your query by ranking them. We do not leave you with thousands of search results to scan through; there are multiple advanced features to assist you in finding any information you need.

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Copernic Agent Personal
Copernic Agent Personal

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What can Copernic Agent do for you?

Simply put, Copernic Agent is the best meta search engine that queries several search engines and aggregate the results to give you the best search results.

Copernic Agent gives you the ability to search deeper into the Web and to get relevant, high quality results grouped into categories. From a single query, Copernic Agent gives you better search engine results by consulting multiple search engines at once, combining their results, removing duplicates and keeping only the very best of the information gathered from queried search engines.

Find the best web results by combining the power of leading search engines with the best Meta search tool.

Key features
  • Target your web searches.
  • Manage your searches and results.
  • User-friendly search experience.
  • Technical support.

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Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP SP3 required.