Copernic Agent

Copernic Agent

Note: After many years, support for Copernic Agent ended on January 31st 2014. The various engines behind Copernic Agent are no longer updated or fixed. Since September 30th 2014, all versions of Copernic Agent are no longer available for download or purchase. Copernic no longer supports, updates or provide technical support for Copernic Agent.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us directly.

Thanks again to all of our users.

Copernic is now focusing on a new search engine for your own files & emails!

Copernic will improve how you work on a daily basis. Everyday, you use a lot of documents, files and e-mails and search for them everytime is time consuming. That leads to inefficiency and getting you out of your productivity bubble. Copernic will help you regain that productivity edge by finding those files instantly. Two editions are offered so even the home users can find what they are looking for.

Which version fits your needs?