Copernic Desktop Search

Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search is the best alternative to Windows Search as it allows you to create a fully-customizable search experience for your PC. It creates a unique map of keywords using the multiple extensions. You can search the basic supported file type in the free version with a limit of 25,000 files even those stored on a network drive. Join the 4,000,000+ users in more than 125 countries.

To search Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook or PDF Files, you need the different extensions.  We do offer up to 10 extensions to fully-customized your experience.

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Copernic Search Server

Search Server

Copernic Search Server is an enterprise search engine running on a Windows Server. It allows to create a central index for all your files & documents stored on that server. It uses the powerful Copernic search technology to create a map of keywords, a shared index. The server index is accessible using the Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise client, which in turn allows you to search the server index as well as a local index.

CSS provides a similar search interface to the award-winning Copernic Desktop Search interface. The Search Server scans all business data sources.

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