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Desktop Search

Desktop Search allows you to search within your computer files & emails. It is designed to find the most relevant information on your PC, including Office files, Outlook emails & attachments, text documents and multimedia files. As a standalone application, it creates a keyword map (index) to unlock unstructured data. Instead of investing in a large & expensive enterprise search solution, a desktop search is a quick & easy installation to increase your productivity while being extremely secure.

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Copernic Search Server Product

Search Server

Copernic Search Server is an enterprise search engine running on a Windows Server. It allows you and your team to create a central index for all your files & documents, stored on one server. It uses the powerful Copernic search technology to create a map of keywords, a shared index. The server index is accessible using the Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise client, which allows you to search the server index as well as a local index.

It is truly an entreprise search tailored for small businesses without having to pay thousands of dollars.

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