Web search included in desktop search?

All major desktop search tools are pushing web search results when you enter a search any terms.

Should web search be turned off?


  • Many users mentioned they downloaded a desktop search and not a web search. They are not interested in having both web and desktop search results. If they want to do a web search, they will use search engines in their browser.
  • Users have a privacy concern. When they are searching on their desktop or network, it is usually private data and they do not want desktop search publishers to know their search terms.
  • Time saving. Many users experience longer search time because the desktop search tools are fetching web results back into the desktop search results.


  • If the web tab is not clicked, the desktop search will not go fetch web results
  • Offer the possibility to select or not the automatic web search
  • Option to remove the web search in the paid version

Let us know what you think!

– Your Copernic Team

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