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    Maybe I’ve misunderstood the use of the “My searches” (or is it “Instant Search”?) dropdown, but I can’t get it to save the folder selection when I use the “add to My searches” option.
    I have a folder that I need to search regularly, but it’s buried five levels deep in the folder hierarchy – selecting it each time is painful.
    What I want is a saved blank search with the folder pre-selected – but I can’t make this work.

    Is this likely to be a bug or is the My Searches area something else that’s “broken as designed” ??


    Copernic Support

    I have been able to reproduce the issue on my side and I have forwarded the bug report to our development team.
    Thanks for letting us know.

    The issue doesn’t happen with all refinements but mostly with the folder option refinement.



    Great, thanks!
    I was beginning to wonder if it was just me…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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