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    I have just discovered Copernic Summarizer whilst searching for a method of pulling key data from documents. Copernic Summarizer appeared perfect until I realised that what I thought were the “minimum” requirements were also the “maximum” requirements. The inability to open current file formats is a severe limitation. The forum has an old suggestion to convert documents first but that pushes the problem to the customer. There is also an old posting that the summarising functionality was to be put into a new and exciting product. I cannot find, years later, what that product is.
    This product is still being sold but appears not to have been supported or updated for years. As this product appears to be designed for Windows XP and Windows XP has reached and passed its “end of life” has Copernic Summarizer also reached its end of life? Alternatively is there going to be another similar product, or an update, released soon? If there is, an actual proposed release date would be useful.
    It has been rather frustrating to find what initially appeared to be the perfect solution I was after has not been supported or updated for such a long time. I appreciate that it is not that expensive but if Copernic Summarizer has technically been discontinued I would suggest that it should not really be advertised and should be withdrawn from sale.
    Please tell me that this product has not been totally abandoned.



    Copernic Summarizer is still being sold as user can still use it if they save their documents into .txt files or other supported format to summarize them. Currently, there is no plan to update it but the features might be included into future releases of Copernic Desktop Search.



    That’s such a shame. You are happy to carry on selling it but it will never get developed. The use for these type of programs is to save time and quickly get to the point of a document or documents, but in order to use this on be you have to spend time converting documents into ones it can still understand. Oh well, it’s your decision / business model.


    Copernic Support

    You are not forced to convert all documents. You can also simply copy and paste some text in the Summarizer main screen to get any text summarized.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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