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    How do I Purge/Clean the index file of files that have been excluded after the initial indexing. I have 200,000+ documents, images, music files etc. on my computer so I set the maximum index file size to 999MB (the limit – it seems way too small for 3TB+ hard drives). I monitored the index size and when it had indexed 55,000+ files and the index was 800+ MB, I began pausing the indexing and excluding MS outlook email folders and file folders. Then I would resume indexing. Finally when the index file hit 920MB, I excluded the entire My /Pictures Folder (102,374 image files – 1TB). The indexing soon completed, however the 920 MB index file size and the 1,193,471 keywords has not decreased. I then updated the entire index and still the 920MB index file size and 1,193,471 keywords has not been reduced. How do I purge all of the excluded files/folders from the index (after they were included in the index)?



    I think you are confusing the maximum size of files that will be indexed with the size of the CDS index database. I am still using version 3.x, and for example my database is about 11 gb for about 216,000 files. I think you can index everything you have with no problem, without excluding things you want to index.

    If 4.x is like 3.x, just uncheck the box for “maximum file size for content indexing” (or something similar for 4.x).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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