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    I was hoping this was fixed in CDS 4.2.

    When you export your search results,
    a) The export to HTML, TXT, CSV or excel doesn’t match the data grid. The format is fixed at NAME, Modified, Location, Size. The data grid can be modified, so why doesn’t the export match.
    b) The export NAME doesn’t include file extension for loose MSG’s that are found on a hard drive. But it does for all other File types that I can see.

    This is quite a pain, because the only purpose to exporting to CSV is to do something with the file. In my case I want to gather them up by extension and then do something with it. It’s hard to do when I have to parse the file and insert all the file extensions.



    This is a followup to my own post, part B above.

    For most other file types, you return the entire path to the file, and it is present in the export. For *.msg files, you return the SUBJECT line of the email (embedded in the email?!?), and this is present in the export list. This is incorrect. The subject is not important, but should be a separate column in the search results/export list. The actual failpath is the important part. This implementation is also problematic in that sometimes an email contains NO subject line. I’m curious why you did it this way, since you obviously have the file path information, since the file shows up in the preview.
    The current implementation makes listing of *.MSG files by CSV Export almost useless for my purposes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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