Any Way to Exclude Certain Specific Subdirectories From Being Indexed?

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    There is a lot of stuff that I want indexed on my C: drive but I don’t really want to have EVERYTHING to be indexed. Some examples to exclude would be:
    \Program Files
    \Program Files (x86)
    I apologize if I am missing something obvious, but is there a way to specify that certain directories and subdirectories be excluded from the index?

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    In Tools menu > Options > Under Files tab, you will see the folders included or excluded from the index.
    You can add a new folder by clicking on “add” then browse to the desired folder and select “ignore all files from this folder and subfolders”. It will be skipped at the next index update and any references already indexed will be removed.

    You can build restrictions as you wish. For example, you could exclude C:\ from being indexed, but add C:\my personal files\ for example, and it will be indexed but the rest will be ignored.

    Do not hesitate to submit a new support ticket if you need additional help with this.



    Thank you,

    I would like to check that my understanding of this is correct.

    In Tools > Options > Files, I can have one line that wants to index everything in C: and other lines that contradict that TOTAL inclusion by excluding parts of it?

    Thus, if I want to index all of C: except two directory trees:
    One line would say Path = C:, File Type = [all], and SubFolders = Included
    Another would say Path = C:\Program Files, File Type = None, and SubFolders = Excluded
    Another would say Path = C:\Windows, File Type = None, and SubFolders = Excluded

    Thanks again!


    Copernic Support

    Hi Rich,

    Yes, you are absolutely right with this post. We wanted to make the indexing list easy to customize for users so you can basically exclude everything from all drives and simply add one folder to index if you would need.

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