Desktop Search: Things Are Shaking Up!

What do you know? Just when everybody thought they had seen it all in the desktop search market… With the big guys (you know who) trying to catch up, we’ve got to quicken the pace!

Ok, ok, excuse our enthusiasm, but we are cooking up the next big release of our software, Copernic Desktop Search. Be prepared: v2.0 will simply redefine what desktop search is! We are very excited about it: while we are already receiving loads of awards and rave reviews for our existing version, it doesn’t stop us. On the contrary, it pushes us to go further and out of our way to make the life of overloaded & busy workers (like ourselves) easier. We have redesigned everything from the ground up, improved a lot of features and integrated all-new ones. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted on all the details related to this release!

– Eric Bouchard

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