Copernic announces a new update for Copernic Agent!

Over the past few weeks, the Copernic team has been working on revamping Copernic Agent Personal. You can now combine the power of leading search engines to execute advanced web search for free. We are pleased to announce that it is fully compatible with Windows 7. Also, the latest Personal version is now downloadable in 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish). Read more...

Where is search going?

With the amount of information created and saved every day, people need tools to organize their life. Currently, major search engines work mainly on ranking algorithms. What’s the goal of a search engine?

It is to provide users with the most relevant results for each searched terms.

Keyword-based search engine do work but up to a certain point. Read more...

Web search included in desktop search?

All major desktop search tools are pushing web search results when you enter a search any terms.

Should web search be turned off?


  • Many users mentioned they downloaded a desktop search and not a web search. They are not interested in having both web and desktop search results. If they want to do a web search, they will use search engines in their browser.

Copernic offers a new volume purchasing program on CDS Professional

With the increasing demand for CDS Professional from Small Business Owners, we are pleased to announce a new volume purchasing program on CDS Professional. Starting today, you will get a discount on CDS Professional when you purchase 5 or more licenses.

Here is the volume discount chart for CDS Professional:

Number of Licences Volume Price
1 to 4 $49.95
5 to 14 $44.95
15 to 29 $39.95
30 to 49 $34.95
50+ Contact Us

The prices are adjusted automatically according to the number of licenses purchased when using the Online Store. Read more...